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1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
Estimate: $325,000 - $350,000 USD
  • 1989
  • Lamborghini
  • Countach 25th Anniversary
  • ZA9CA05A4KLA12478
  • Rosso Perlato
  • Tan / Red
  • Iconic 25th Anniversary Model
  • Excellent Running Condition
  • Euro-style Fenders
  • Excellent Interior
  • Rare Rosso Perlato Color

Magnificent Beast

This Lamborghini is one of only 658 25th Anniversary Editions produced, and one of only 235 of the fuel-injected models made globally. It is the last of the anniversary variant and considered to be the most refined, as well as the fastest, Countach with reported metrics of 4.7 seconds 0-60 mph and a top speed of 183 mph. Horacio Pagani, a man now globally- respected for his eponymous supercars, took the standard Countach, and subtly transformed it into the 25th Anniversary superstar for Lamborghini.

This Car's Past

This Lamborghini on offer displays signatures by none other than the legendary Valentino Balboni on the passenger dashboard, owner’s manual, and books. Other members of the Lamborghini family have signed very discreetly on the inside of the hood and owner’s books.The car is in fine order, with all items and systems functioning properly. The owner’s manual, books, tools, and spare tire are all present. Its signature V-12 bark and a hand on the shifter confirm that it runs as it did when it left the Sant’Agata, Bolognese factory.

History of the Model

Unveiled in 1971, the Countach LP500 Prototype left the world gasping for air the moment it landed on the display stand of the Geneva Motor Show. Marcello Gandini had already wowed the public with the achingly-beautiful Miura, and his breath-taking concept cars, like the 1968 Alfa-Romeo Concept, and 1970 Lancia Stratos Zero. They daringly flaunted dangerous wedges that were pure Sci-Fi futurism. But, as radical as those designs were, the LP500 upstaged them, as a preview of a road-going car that was teleported from another dimension in space and time. Due in large part to Gandini’s brilliance, the striking design of the Countach had little need to evolve over its 15-year lifespan. It sprouted the occasional flare, wing, or add-on bumper for US federalization, but this car, the final iteration, the 25th -anniversary Countach, changed that. While Gandini’s iconic mono-volume- wedge form remained, this grand finale performance presented several new design elements. These aimed to improve some of the vehicle’s thermal and aerodynamic shortcomings, which had grown more evident over time, as the engine grew more powerful. The most notable and controversial design change was the addition of multiple cooling vanes, called “side strakes”, that were added to the body’s upper and lower side air intakes. First seen on the groundbreaking design of the 1984 Ferrari Testarossa, the strakes were not added for looks; they served to improve cooling, by maintaining high air velocity into the intake ducts. Given the prodigious cooling requirements of the now-huge 5.2liter, 48-valve V12, this was a crucial design change, producing a noticeable performance improvement, compared to previous variants. The V12’s increased power also had the engineers opting for wider 345-section rear tires, which necessitated even-larger rear fender flares. They now wrapped into a new body-colored rear bumper that was unique to this model. It helped give the car a more contemporary and integrated appearance, a quantum leap over the early-model black, rubber version. While these design changes may have traded visual purity for performance, they helped make the 25th anniversary model a super-star, the best-performing and best-driving Countach ever offered.

Service History

This Lamborghini has recently had its paint redone in the OEM correct-from-new, and very rare color, Rosso Perlato, with Euro-style front and rear bumpers. It also has newly- refurbished wheels, new door-struts, new weather-stripping, new battery, an oil and filter change, as well as a custom indoor car cover. The well-preserved tan leather, with its original red piping on the seats, testifies to the very proper care and maintenance that this Countach received, allowing its pilot to enjoy the original essence of the 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach. Owner’s manual, books, tools, and spare tire are all present.


As one of only 165 US-specification models, this Countach has provided its owner with an historic piece of Lamborghini history, and will continue to do so for the next owner. The Countach 25th Anniversary has a stunning, almost shocking, visual impact, unique in all aspects. And it, like all Countachs, will always be a head-turner.

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